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Coffee Grouts for Cellulite?


Researching my recent post on Michelle Phan I came across one of her videos where she explains how you can make your own product to treat cellulite from coffee grouts.  Well having christened her the most influential person in the cosmetic business I have to take issue with that one.  I think this is what they call set ’em up, knock ’em down in the media. Continue reading

Colin Solves Your Problems 22 – Does Everyone Need a Skin Care Regime?


Skin care regime

Do you need a skin care regime?

A question from Yasmin in Sweden

Hello Colin! Recently been trying to wrap my head around the science of skin care. It all started with a free sample from clinque’s ‘3 step skin care’. I love it and it feels great. However I’m always suspicous to whether these things are actually having an affect and if it’s something that is necessary? So in essence my question is really, does everyone need a skin care regime? Do we need to be cleansing, toning, exfoliating and moisturising? What about eye creams? Do we just need a classic bar of soap and sunscreen if anything at all? It’s so frustrating, I just want to know the truth 🙂 Thanks! Kind regards from Yasmine in Stockholm, Sweden

Quite a few questions there Yasmine! Continue reading

Products for around the eyes


The area around the eyes is in need of some thought when it comes to selecting products

The area of skin around the eyes, specifically the area just under and beside the eyes themselves is one that a lot of people are troubled by. It seems to have more propensity to form wrinkles and is also the place where wrinkles are most obvious. It is a particularly thin area of the skin but is very well supplied with blood vessels. Any interuption to those blood vessels can cause them to clot very visibly creating what are known as spider veins. This area of the skin is also pretty continuously exposed to light as well, so if there is any photodamage going this is one of the places it is likely to appear. Continue reading

Review of Horizon: The Truth About Exercise presented by Michael Mosley (BBC2 28th Feb 2012)


I have just watched a really interesting programme.  It had claimed that it was going to radically alter what we have believed for decades about exercising.  In fact, 3 minutes exercise a week is enough to achieve significant health benefits.   A strong claim,   I had to give it a watch. Continue reading

Can you get vitamins from a bath?


Today’s problem comes from everyone’s favourite British beauty blogger, BritishBeautyBlogger, from whom I have learned a great deal so it is nice to pay a little back.

Hi Colin.. okay.. I have been using a liquid magnesium complex in my bath which says that you can absorb it through the skin. Can all vitamins be taken in this way or is it specific to magnesium? I just keep thinking it is the easiest way in the world to take vitamins so in theory could you have like a multi-vitamin bath every night that does the same as a tablet? Continue reading

How Long Should You Give a Skin Cream To Work?

How Long Should You Give a Skin Cream To Work?

Don’t wait forever for something to happen when you apply a skin cream

Adverts for beauty products make big claims. Well when you read them literally in the way a lawyer would read a contract they often make no claims at all, but they are certainly designed to give you the impression that they are going to do a lot for you. I am not a lawyer and the fine print leaves me cold. The fact is that you are being led to believe something and what you are being led to believe is pretty clear. Continue reading

Oil Based Cleansers

Olive Oil

Oil based cleansers have a very long history.  In fact the first cleansers were oil based cleansers. When a Roman citizen came home from a busy day building aqueducts and conquering barbarians, the evening started with a bath.  The Roman would cover him or herself with olive oil, which was then removed by a slave using a strigil, a blunt bladed knife.  He would then go into a steam room  to open up the pores, before finishing off the process by plunging into a pool of water. Continue reading

Lip Balms – a quick tip

lip-balmWith a lot of the Northern Hemisphere gripped in bitingly cold winter weather, I thought I would pass on a tip about lip balms.  The best ingredient in lip balms for chapped lips is lanolin.  I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of the success of the Burts Bees range of lip balms is due to them containing lanolin.  Continue reading

What makes you beautiful? Your hormone levels


I have already posted about the features of an attractive female face. But what lies behind these observations?  Could it be that your hormones make you beautiful?

A few years ago scientists at the University of St Andrews took photos of 59 women aged between 18 and 25 every week for six weeks. They also took urine samples and measured their oestrogen levels. By taking readings over the whole menstrual cycle they were able to come up with meaningful estimates of how much oestrogen the women had in their blood streams. Continue reading