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Three Things Beauty Bloggers Should Know About Science


I know that a lot of people who read Colin’s Beauty Pages are beauty bloggers. So I thought you might like some tips on how to cut through the hype behind beauty products to get through to the reality.  Here are three things to bear in mind when looking at the science stuff that sometimes gets used in the promotion of cosmetic and personal care products. Continue reading

Dove Soap

Dove have been running a rather stupid advert showing the difference between Dove and ordinary soap.  They put some coloured paper in the shape of a woman on bars of soap and left them on the soap bar.  Ordinary soap destroys the paper whereas Dove doesn’t. So bloody what! Continue reading

Liz Earle – She’s not the Messiah she’s just a bit of a naughty marketer

I recently bemoaned the lack of committed entrepreneurs in the cosmetic industry.  I was thinking of people like Steve Jobs of Apple, the kind of person who eats, drinks, lives and breaths their product and who understands every aspect of it from the formulation through to the packaging, the distribution and the marketing, and who stirs things up and creates innovation.  The nearest I could come up with was Anita Roddick, formerly of the Body Shop, who sadly is no longer with us.  One name that did come to mind, but who I quickly dismissed, was Liz Earle.

Continue reading