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new font

Well I dare say this is going to be the post that is going to be the most challenging one for you to care about, but I have just worked out how to customise the font on this blog.  I have been a bit bored by the default one, which I assume was Arial, that came with the theme.  The trouble with that font, and that whole style of fonts it belongs to, is that although they are clear and easy to read in short bursts they are a bit heavy on the eye for long periods.  This is probably not a problem for most people.  Judging by my stats most people only read 2 or 3 posts per visit.

But there is always the odd person who sticks around and reads 20 or 30 of them.  And of course, I spend a lot of time looking at my blog too.

So for the benefit of myself and dedicated readers I have switched to a gentler one.  The all round top performer for long reading stints is probably Times Roman.  But it is such a cliché  that I didn’t want to use that.  For a long time I was stuck because I couldn’t work out how to install new fonts on WordPress.  Well I have worked it out now.  I am trying one that I like, but now I know how to change them I might shift it again in the near future.

This is probably a long shot, but if you have any opinion on the matter I’d be very interested to hear it.


I thought that it would be easy to transfer the new font to the mobile version, but it turns out that it isn’t that easy.  But I have made it as close as I can.

2 thoughts on “New Font

  1. wasmachtHeli

    Because that’s what’s displayed right now.

    Do you plan on updating the theme to Twenty Sixteen? Newer themes are usally a bit safer and also have more functions.
    It is under Design/Themes (just to save you time looking).

  2. Colin Post author

    It definitely shouldn’t be displaying Helvetica, not on the the desktop version anyway. I am still trying to get the mobile version to play along. I like the look of the the Twenty Sixteen, so I’ll probably move over to it soon.

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