Natural and Organic Show – Highlights and not so highlights

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I have just got back from the Natural and Organic Show at Olympia, and it was nice to talk to a couple of people I have only known online so far.  Nice to see you guys in three dimensions.  It was a beautiful spring morning and west London looked glorious.  The show itself is always a pleasure to visit.  It is large enough and fairly well attended, but not so large or busy as to be overwhelming.  It is also just about the most diverse show on my list of regulars that I visit.   It has all sorts of companies from quite large enterprises down to one man bands.  A lot of it is food, nutritional supplements and other health related stuff, but there are plenty of stands selling beauty products and skincare and even a few stands promoting natural and organic cosmetics, so you even get to see some lipsticks and the like.

There were a few new things.  I came across a natural deodourant which I will give a try to see what its performance is like.  There were also some stands promoting bee venom, which is being touted as a natural alternative to Botox.   This sounds sort of believable given that Botox works by effectively poisoning your muscles so I can imagine bee venom might work in the same way.  I haven’t looked at any of the research yet.  But I think I’ll be giving it a miss anyway.  The venom is obtained from the bees by electrocuting them using a sub-lethal voltage.  The proponents assure us that it doesn’t harm the bees but I am not so sure.  I don’t think anyone has decoded the hive wriggle dance for ‘didn’t feel a thing’ yet.  I like bees and I am not sure I want to participate in harming them for the sake of beauty.  (If it was a medical application I might think differently.)  But if you are a bit wrinkled and at the same time regard bees as furry little pollen thieves with an annoying buzzy noise as a side line you might want to look into this.

The other thing that didn’t appeal to me was just how many natural product companies base their pitch on what is wrong with other people’s ingredients.  If you think your products are so much better why not sell them on the basis of their actual benefits? At the very least it doesn’t show much imagination.  But in my opinion if all you can sell is scare stories it is probably because your products are rubbish.

4 thoughts on “Natural and Organic Show – Highlights and not so highlights

  1. Rae

    “If you think your products are so much better why not sell them on the basis of their actual benefits?” – This is so true.

    When you compete with someone else… like for example, in sports, you don’t go around blabbering to everyone how not good your opponent is. You actually have to show how good you are.

  2. britishbeautyblogger

    this thing about bee venom is totally bugging me.. I have looked at the websites of the manufacturers of the electrocution equipment and even they say there is ‘collateral’. It’s not many per thousand etc, but nonetheless this doesn’t seem like a good way for bees to spend their time.

  3. Colin Post author

    I agree BBB. It is hard to see how a level of electrocution high enough to induce the bees to use their sting isn’t high enough to harm them.

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