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Colin Solves Your Problems 6: Milia


I have suffered from milia for many years and want to know which products are good for preventing and treating milia. I understand I need to exfoliate well but wondered if you could recommend a good skin care range cleanse exfoliate and moisturise that won’t add to the milia. Also is there a better foundation or blusher to use as my milia spots tend to build up on my cheeks were I would place blusher.

Many Thanks


I hate to be the bearer of bad news Leah, but this condition is a really tough one and there isn’t much I can say that will be of much help – it sounds like you are already pretty well informed on the subject.  It isn’t a particularly common condition so some readers may not have heard the name, though you will have seen the condition.  It is the small white protrusions that some people get on their skin. They look like whiteheads but last much longer and can sometimes protrude a lot more.  They are particularly a problem around the eyes and nose.

Milia – What are they?

They consist of keratin which is the same protein your hair and nails are made of. Keratin is tough stuff making them almost impossible to remove.  I actually have a few examples myself and have given up trying to get rid of them.  I can’t recommend any particular skin care range.   But I would be careful of how you exfoliate though.  There are clinical papers out there that suggest that excessive exfoliation can itself cause milia.  This was noticed when exfoliation was used to remove acne scars.  I am talking about a long time ago  when dermatologists used to use sandpaper and wire brushes as exfoliation agents.  I don’t think modern exfoliating products would be as bad but it is probably worth going for the milder products if you want to exfoliate.

Milia- Exfoliating

The first exfoliating product ever was developed as way of exfoliating acne scars without causing milia. It is called Brasivol and it is still on sale today.  I have tried to get rid of some of my milia spots with it with no success, but it might work on very small ones.  As regards a suitable blusher or other make up, I have no ideas at all.  Does anyone reading this have any suggestions?

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Note – The Mayo Clinic are usually pretty good on skin problems, but even they don’t have much to say on Milia.

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