Melamine in Personal Care Products

I was expecting melamine to turn up in some personal care products sooner rather than later, and this news story from the Guardian unfortunately fulfills my prediction.

It seems that Ann Summers have detected high levels of melamine in a lickable chocolate flavoured product that they sell, that they get from China.

Sorry to lower the tone, but my advice is to avoid all chocolate flavoured ‘personal lubricants’ for the foreseeable future.  If Ann Summers are sourcing from China the chances are that everyone else is as well, so it is wise to avoid the whole sector.  If I hear anything about this issue I will pass it on.  In the meantime, I have read that the Chinese government has apologised for the problem.  I suppose that this is good news because it suggests that they might be taking action to make sure that melamine doesn’t continue to be routinely added to milk.

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