Mainstream Beauty Press squeezing out online bloggers?

There are a lot of blogs around on beauty products done by enthusiasts and lovers of stuff. They are great fun to read One of the best of them is British Beauty Blogger. This is updated regularly and I have to say it is my go to resource for what is being launched.

I was surprised to read that she is having trouble with getting support from the industry according to a recent post.

It is worth a read just to get an idea of what a big business the puffing of cosmetic products is. For the record, I think the industry would do better in the long run building up an honest relationship based on mutual respect with beauty bloggers. (By that I mean people who are primarily interested in using the products – I don’t mean the handful of blogs like mine that are more about the science and technology behind it all. I am quite happy with being ignored by the PR gurus.)

I have a feeling that it isn’t going to happen though.

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