KD Gold – Thesaurus Based Marketers

KD Gold has been brought to my attention by Vanessa who was baffled by the advert and asked for my opinion.

KD Gold

KD Gold – Gobbledygook?

Well I have to say it did sound very much like gobbledygook when I first read it.

But when I read it in a bit more detail it did begin to make sense.  Or sort of.  For instance what they call rather grandly ‘Colloidal Micelle Technology’, is basically what cosmetic formulators use all the time.  Micelles are structures that form in products that contain detergents.  I have described them in my post on Micellar Water.  And yes, they are a form of colloid.  So you could say that they were colloidal micelle technology if you wanted to.

Most of the rest of the things the KD Gold enthusiasts talk so breathlessly about can be explained by simply translating them into plainer language.

In a world where there is a whole sector of the cosmetics industry devoted to scaremongering, and which lies through its teeth to do so, it would be a little harsh to criticise KD Gold.  I think they have just got a bit carried away.  I found it quite entertaining and I don’t think it does any harm to anyone.  I suppose you could call it thesaurus based marketing.

Are the products any good? I have no idea.  It sounds like someone there knows what they are talking about given that the ad does make sense.   So I dare say they will do the job.  As Vanessa had already worked out, it is basically a liquid soap with some plant extract in it.  Will their sales pitch win people over is a harder question to answer.  I have a feeling that it will probably confuse more people than it will persuade.  But it gave me a laugh, and for that at least I am grateful.


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