June Bracelet


I was reading the Face Up Beauty blog the other day and came across a really neat idea.  It is called a June Bracelet, and it is a device that monitors your exposure to solar radiation and gives you advice on what is the appropriate action to take.  

I don’t know how well the company behind the June Bracelet have implemented this idea.  It sounds from the review that they have certainly got the basic idea right.  The sensor on the bracelet assesses the sun exposure to which you have been exposed and sends the information to your smartphone which has information about your skin type and can calculate an appropriate response.

The beauty of this approach is that it gives you real time feedback.  We are quite good as a species at reacting to things we see in front of us.  We are much less good at dealing with long term problems – which is why we aren’t good at losing weight or giving up smoking.  If we now what is happening to our skin the day it happens, we are much more likely to take action to keep the damage down.



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