Face The Future- SCS Symposium

SCS Symposium Face The Future

As the UK’s leading Beauty Futurologist – it’s on my LinkedIn profile and everything – I really  wanted to get to the SCS’s symposium on the future of the cosmetic industry.  Unfortunately I could only make it on the second day, but that was a day certainly well spent. 

I’ll be doing some blogs on some of the specific topics covered over the next couple of weeks.  There was plenty of food for thought.  We heard about all sorts of interesting stuff largely from people with only a tenuous connection with the cosmetic industry. Some had no connection at all.  It was a great, and all too rare, opportunity to think outside the box and to consider what is coming down the line.

We might well be seeing a future where we have a much better idea about how people interact with their cosmetics, where there is much more scope to tailor products to individual needs and where we might even be able to replace bits of our bodies that wear out.

All in all, a great day out and thanks to the team who put it on for being admirably radical.


(Note – I got the idea of being a beauty futurologist from Perry Romanowski of the Beauty Brains.  If a few more people become beauty futurologists we can start a society.)

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