Cut Throat Stanley Beard Balm Review

Cut throats are big tough guys with big impressive beards, and so they need some serious beard care products.   The folks at grooming firm Cut Throat Stanley were kind enough to send me some samples of theirs to review.  I am finding it fun to get the camera rolling and just record my initial reactions to products, so that is how I did my Cut Throat Stanley Beard Balm Review.

Since then I have done a bit of digging and in particular have managed to find the ingredient list which wasn’t on the pre-production sample they sent through. As I thought it was a pretty natural base comprising beeswax, shea buter and jojoba and argan oils.

There is obviously a lot of interest in beards at the moment with lots of young hipsters devoting chin real estate to extraordinary outgrowths.  I imagine that they would be interested in a product like this.  Even on my distinctly modest mane I noticed that it gave it a soft and smooth feel.  If you are sporting something a bit more imposing I think you’d feel the benefit even more.   The smell comes from black pepper and bitter orange which combine to create a fairly manly odour which I think will go down well with the target market.  Men are not generally too impressed by subtle scents.

It is of course a niche item.  Beards are still very much a minority feature of men’s faces and even the current level of interest may not be maintained.  Channel 4 News was calling peak beard a few weeks back and they may well be right.  Beards are more trouble to keep in trim than the clean shaven alternative.  But those prepared to put the effort into the grooming will probably appreciate the Cut Throat Stanley range.

The price point is fairly premium, with the 60ml pot coming in at £10.95 on Amazon. It goes a long way so you get a lot of beard treatment for the investment.

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