Colin’s Shop

Colin's Shop

Welcome to my shop, an attempt to make my blog a bit more profitable so I can devote more time to it.  Ideally I’d like to earn enough to become famous for leading a disreputable lifestyle of drink and scandal, appearing in the cheaper news publications with gossipogenic stories attached.

In the short term covering some of my hosting fees would be a good start.  All the products are drawn from affiliate programmes that pay me a tiny percentage of the selling price.

There are many slick online customer experiences which allow you to effortlessly purchase a huge range of consumer goods. My shop isn’t really like that, it is more of a hodge podge of stuff I find interesting thrown together as competently as my rubbish HTML skills allow.  I will however not promote anything that is complete rubbish, and I’ll make sure my comments aren’t influenced by the desire to make money.  I hope you enjoy it. Any suggestions for improvements gratefully received even if they baffle me as to how I would implement them, as they probably will.

Happy shopping.

Special Offers

To my, and no doubt everybody else’s, amazement I sometimes get offered products to sell with special offers.  My latest one is the popular if pricey Gatineau Tan Accelerating Lotion.  You can get this product at £10 off in the UK using the code GATTAN10.  Just click on the link below.  It’s still quite a lot of money even with the discount, but there are times you just want your tan accelerated regardless of the cost.
Gatineau Tanning Accelerator



Concealer Pens

Touche Eclat is far and away the most successful cosmetic product in recent history.  It is hard to remember that it has only been around since the nineties.  Its iconic shape and design is as much of the appeal as the product inside it.  But it certainly does the job.

Yves_Saint_Laurent Touche

Buy Touche Éclat from FeelUnique

Stretch Marks

I have written a lot about Bio-Oil, and I have a fairly healthy skepticism about whether it is any better than any other oil for stretch marks.  But given that a lot of people do say it has worked for them, and that it isn’t a lot of money when you consider how long a bottle is going to last you might want to give it a try.  But cheaper alternatives might well work just as well.

Products for stretch marks

Shop for stretch mark products

Micellar Water

Micellar water is an interesting application of science to cleansing, enabling very mild and effective make up removers.

Young Woman Wearing Facial Cream and Cucumber Slices Over Eyes

Shop for Micellar Waters

Mud Masks

Clay mud masks work by what has somehow become a well kept secret.  Clay at a microscopic level is made up of millions of tiny plates that create a huge surface area that absorbs the grease from your skin.  So if you have greasy skin, using a clay masque is a great way to get rid of the grease without having to use detergents to remove it.

One company that has really made a go of face masks is Montagne Jeunesse, who sell them in single use sachets.  This is a convenient way to get a mud mask onto your face with minimal fuss and no waste. Another interesting fact is that I used to work for them, but that is another story altogether.

Buy Mud Masks

Buy Mud Masks

My Books


Products I Have Formulated

There is absolutely no reason why anyone else should care, but I take a sort of parental interest in products I have formulated over the years.   As a formulation scientist you have no more title to the products you create than the guys who work in the offices or the warehouse.  I certainly don’t get paid any kind of royalty on sales once I am off the pay roll.  But nonetheless, I do like to see my handiwork doing well.  A lot of products don’t last long in the marketplace and are now long forgotten, but some are still good sellers.  Here are some that I am pleased with.


Buy from Chemist.Net (UK)

Buy from Amazon

This project was my first encounter with shea butter, which I was absolutely delighted with and put a healthy dollop into the formulation.  This was a very popular lotion during the development stage.  Although it was intended for children, it was fine for adults too and being fragrance free was a bit of a novelty.  If its widespread distribution is anything to go by, it seems to have continued to be very successful.

4 thoughts on “Colin’s Shop

  1. Sharon Hansard

    Hi Colin,

    Good luck with achieving the disreputable lifestyle.
    I enjoyed your blob on ceteryl alcohol! Please to hear sound science being given a voice!
    Regards Sharon

  2. Margie Carrell

    I am looking for a reasonably priced non-toxic organic healing foundation and healing body lotions. If you can find any, I would seriously appreciate it. I am an older woman and still trying to stay on the better side of myself, so I keep searching.

  3. Antonia Dailly

    I’m a dermatology nurse- and I LOVE Oilatum lotion. Actually all the Oilatum range is great- and I’ve never encountered a patient who has had any adverse reactions to any of the products. Delighted to discover you are the creator!

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