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Lavender Oil e-book

artful-teasing-lavender-guide-frontI have written a quick guide to lavender oil for Artful Teasing to put on their website as a free e-book.  Lavender oil is one of the essential oils used in aromatherapy that has some good research behind it, so it was quite enjoyable to write.  I have given my views on aromatherapy before ( see Is Aromatherapy losing its popularity?) so I won’t go over them again here.  But of course lavender oil has been used for centuries, much longer than aromatherapy has been around and I suspect it will still be being used long after everyone has forgotten about aromatherapy.

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Vanillin – Meet One of my Friends


Vanillin is a big part of the smell of a creme caramel

I am a chemist and I regard chemicals as my friends. Just like people, they all have their own personalities and there are some you like more than others. Also like people they all belong to families and the families themselves also have personalities. Some can be a bit dull. Hydrocarbons for instance are plodding, pedestrian and predictable. They are only made of carbon and hydrogen and they don’t do very much interesting. The hydrocarbons are a sort of lumpenproletariat. There are a lot of them around and we would be lost without them and the work they do, but they don’t often command any attention. Continue reading