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Biotin for the Nails

biotin for nails supplements

There are some people who really like the idea that taking vitamins and minerals can keep them healthy. There are others who take great pleasure in being sceptical about them. The reality is frustrating for those who like to check out the facts, because although supplements are a multi-billion industry there is surprisingly little data on how well they work. A typical case is the suggestion that biotin can make your nails less brittle. Continue reading

Should You Shampoo Your Hair?

should you shampoo your hair

There has been a lot of debate online following a video being run by the Huffington Post about a woman who hasn’t used shampoo for five years.  This was picked up by the Beauty Brains and it has generated and continues to generate a lot of debate.  As it has already been pretty thoroughly gone over at first I decided not to weigh in.  But on a whim I started my camera rolling and just recorded what came out. The question on my mind, should you shampoo your hair? Continue reading

Coconut Oil Shampoo Pretreatment

My friends over at the Beauty Brains blog have been talking for a while about using coconut oil as a pre-conditioner.  Basically the idea is that the oil soaks into the hair shaft and makes the hair less brittle.  It is an interesting idea, and one that has some evidence behind it.  So I thought I’d give it a try. Continue reading

Coffee Grouts for Cellulite?


Researching my recent post on Michelle Phan I came across one of her videos where she explains how you can make your own product to treat cellulite from coffee grouts.  Well having christened her the most influential person in the cosmetic business I have to take issue with that one.  I think this is what they call set ’em up, knock ’em down in the media. Continue reading

Homemade Cosmetics and Preservation



I got into a minor Twitter spattette the other night about homemade cosmetic preservation. Jessica of asked me if it was okay to mix a liquid foundation, a chapstick and some cornflour to make a serum to go around the eyes. I mulled it over for a bit, and said that it should be okay if she used it fairly quickly. She’d also asked the world’s coolest cosmetic chemist, Kelly Dobos. Kelly was a bit more cautious than me and thought it was a bad idea. Continue reading

Products for around the eyes


The area around the eyes is in need of some thought when it comes to selecting products

The area of skin around the eyes, specifically the area just under and beside the eyes themselves is one that a lot of people are troubled by. It seems to have more propensity to form wrinkles and is also the place where wrinkles are most obvious. It is a particularly thin area of the skin but is very well supplied with blood vessels. Any interuption to those blood vessels can cause them to clot very visibly creating what are known as spider veins. This area of the skin is also pretty continuously exposed to light as well, so if there is any photodamage going this is one of the places it is likely to appear. Continue reading

Can a Moisturiser thin your Skin?

moisturiser thin your skin

N.B., The references to Aqueous Cream BP in this post are specific to the UK and those Commonwealth countries that use the BP.  But I hope you will still find it interesting if you live elsewhere.

Many years ago I read a paper that changed my attitude to skin creams.  It looked at the effect of cream base on peoples skin over time.  It found that although the cream was moisturising in the short term, over the long term it reduced the skin’s barrier properties.  So can a moisturiser thin your skin?
Continue reading

How Long Should You Give a Skin Cream To Work?

How Long Should You Give a Skin Cream To Work?

Don’t wait forever for something to happen when you apply a skin cream

Adverts for beauty products make big claims. Well when you read them literally in the way a lawyer would read a contract they often make no claims at all, but they are certainly designed to give you the impression that they are going to do a lot for you. I am not a lawyer and the fine print leaves me cold. The fact is that you are being led to believe something and what you are being led to believe is pretty clear. Continue reading