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Alpecin – How Well Does It Work?

Alpecin - How Well Does It Work?

Can a shampoo prevent hair loss?

I recently appeared on Channel 4’s Supershoppers to talk about Alpecin shampoo.  I have been amused for some time the way they run adverts for this shampoo on the television that manage to talk about it without actually mentioning that it is intended as a treatment for hair loss.  I was quite surprised to discover, literally in front of the camera, that they have no such inhibition on the pack itself.  It states in big letters that is what the product is for.  I had assumed that if they were following the rules in their on air promotion, they would be just as scrupulous across their whole marketing platform. Continue reading

What Kind Of Blog Posts Should I Be Writing?

whose reading this blogMy interest in blogging and my blog varies. Sometimes I wake up and before I have done anything else I check my stats eagerly to see how I am doing. I then spend the rest of the day either elated or dejected, depending on the numbers. More often I don’t give it a second thought and just get on with the rest of my life allowing whatever happens online to take its course. Continue reading

Lauren Luke Internet Pioneer Update

Lauren Luke Internet Pioneer Update

Lauren Luke’s YouTube Channel is still there

Back in 2009 I blogged about one of the first beauty vloggers to really make a big impact in the UK.  (Incidentally, the word vlogger hadn’t come into currency back then.   I coined beauty tubees which I thought was a good name, but it never caught on.)  At that point it looked like it was possible that home made videos on YouTube would become the norm and that the highly controlled airbrushed/photoshopped  coverage in the glossy magazines would be eclipsed.  I found Lauren’s down to earth less polished approach much more appealing.  When I last wrote about her the world seemed to be her oyster with a column in the Guardian and her own range of cosmetics coming out. Continue reading

Is Exercise Really Good For You?

Is Exercise Good For You?

Is Exercise A Pointless Exercise?

I spend a lot of my time looking at claims made for various cosmetic products.  People selling products are easily convinced of the benefits of those products, and are eager to share those benefits with potential purchasers.  But it’s very often the case that the claims they make are based on the flimsiest of evidence.  That is how the world works.  The more you spend time looking at cosmetic claims, the more cynical you get about all claims across the board.  So when someone tells me that exercise is good for you my first reaction is to be suspicious, even though this claim is often made, seems reasonable and doesn’t seem to be especially controversial.  And it is one that I think most people assume is backed up by solid science. Continue reading

Lessons For Cosmetic Companies From The Olympics


lessons for the cosmetics industry from the olympics

If you can win a medal, can you create a great cosmetic?

My apologies to all non-British readers, but like many of my fellow countrymen the big news at the moment is that the UK came second in the tally of medals scored at the Rio Olympics. And given that nobody expects Britain to outshine America in this particular contest, this is in effect winning the Olympics. (Particular apologies to American readers there – but when you win something every year it is inevitable that people start taking it for granted.) Continue reading

Soap Box Time – Why We Should Stay In the EU

soap box time EMA

When I started my consulting business three years ago, even though I had been planning it for some time, it was still quite scary. For the first time in my life I had no monthly cheque to look forward to at the end of the month. Would I get enough work in to cover my expenses? Luckily I managed to pull in a big job quite quickly. It was a project on the borderline between pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, which was just the kind of thing that I could offer and which not too many other people could.  Without this bit of luck I might have had to get a job instead.  And with all due humility – it was quite handy for the client that they found me.  They are a start up too and getting some help early on must have been beneficial. Continue reading

Another Big Talc Payout

second big talc payout for J&J

Another blow for Johnson and Johnson: an American jury has awarded a big talc payout to one of its customers.  I haven’t looked at the details yet, but on the face of it this is another case of sentiment trumping science.  Nobody likes big corporations and we are all only too willing to believe the worse about them.  So when you are told that they are poisoning the public and lying to cover it up, you tend to sympathise with the victims. Continue reading

Mission Creep

mission creep

I only popped out for some milk

It started when I noticed that I hadn’t backed up my blog for over a month. I don’t think you should trust to automatic backups on blogs. You should back them up whenever you post something that you really don’t want to lose. I used to back up every few days. I have had some bad experiences with unbacked up stuff, and heard even worse ones from other people. So why had I stopped. I applied the 5 whys technique and discovered that I just wasn’t happy with the way my blog looked.

So I set aside a morning to work on getting my blog back into shape. I wanted to give it a cleaner look. I wanted to make it a better user experience. I had decided that I was only interested in people who actually read it, so I wanted to put all the ‘call to action’ stuff at the bottom of the page so that anyone reading would have a clear run. And I wanted to get rid of the boring typeface. I am also really bored with the images from an old clipart CD I have been using since around 1998. I don’t know if many people today have even seen a CD of clipart.

The other thing I wanted to do was to sort out my social media so I can post straight to them without having to do a lot of clicking.

So all reasonable stuff and I set aside a morning to dive in and get it all sorted. Well the morning flew by. So I allocated an afternoon as well. Then I carried on into the evening. And in fact, I was still at it at about half past eleven. Continue reading