The self tan shake up

Self tan products are changing and consumers are going to notice.
You should too.

DHA self tan shake up
New EU self tan regulations reduce the maximum level of DHA usage to 10%

If you sell a self tanning product you will likely be aware of a looming change to the limit of dihydroxyacetone (DHA) in self tanning products to a maximum of 10% which is going to affect a large number of products on the market. The new regulation also sets a new DHA limit for non-oxidative hair-dye products to 6.5%, which while not unimportant will probably affect far fewer skus.

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Is Mouthwash Leave On Or Rinse Off?

Mouthwash leave on

The EU cosmetic regulations make clear that mouthwashes are one of the categories of cosmetic product. They are explicitly listed as an example, and obviously fit the definition. Elsewhere in the regulations, there is a distinction made between products that are left on, and those that are rinsed off. This is important because it affects the way that allergens need to be listed – there is a lower cut off value for allergens to be listed on leave on products. Continue reading “Is Mouthwash Leave On Or Rinse Off?”

Penetrometry- An Underrated Technique

Penetrometry isn’t widely used or even known about by cosmetic formulators. But it has its uses.

A penetrometry by Ele

There’s a trick journalists use to get you to read their stuff. They set up a false but interesting premise. ‘The Beatles’ songs are underrated’ for example. In fact nobody underrates the Fab Four’s music, but the article can now be framed as an argument rather than an account. This gives it a bit of energy it wouldn’t otherwise have had. So I had better confess now, penetrometry isn’t so much underrated as hardly heard of. You can’t assume it is something a cosmetic formulator will know about.

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Ambergris is highly sought after and very rare and expensive. But what is it?

A sperm whale full of ambergris has been washed up on the beach in Holland.  The quantity is 83Kg, and will keep perfumers who use it as a fixative going for years. The origin of ambergris was unknown for many years.  It was found from time to time on beaches. Its scarcity made it enormously valuable.

Once industrial scale whaling got underway its origin in the digestive system of whales became obvious. It also led to the pursuit of sperm whales, with disastrous consequences for their numbers.  To combat this trade in ambergris is banned in many countries.

The details can be found here.