Huge Lips Skinny Hips

huge-lips-skinny-hips-spaceNK-lip-gloss.tiffSpaceNK have got a lot of publicity in the media in the UK for a lip gloss that also claims to make you lose weight. It can give you big lips at the same time as giving you skinny hips; it is claimed. This blog is dedicated to the science behind beauty and beauty products, but sometimes a product is just so obviously bogus it needs no comment. If you believe this works you will believe, and literally believe, that Moon really is made of green cheese.

I sincerely hope that no readers of this blog will waste their money on this rubbish – and at over £18 it is a lot of money. If you are dieting or overweight do not think that this product will do anything for you apart from maybe leaving you less money to spend on food.

Update 2.2.09 Since posting this I have been pleased to see comments on the Daily Mail’s article suggesting that people simply don’t believe this product’s claims.  Very encouraging! I also seem to be ranking very highly in Google for the phrase ‘Huge Lips Skinny Hips’.  No doubt SpaceNK will employ an SEO professional to sort this out soon, but it is fun at the moment.

Update 4.2.09 As I expected I didn’t keep my number one position in Google for Huge Lips Skinny Hips for very long.  But interestingly I have dissappeared entirely.  This page doesn’t appear at all in the first 11 pages on Google for that search term now.  I have no idea how this has happened.  I imagine someone has worked quite hard at it but it would be very interesting to know how they do it.  The lesson for all you beauty fans out there when you are looking for information on Google about products, the folk trying to sell you the stuff are actively working to stop you getting information that they don’t want you to see.

Thanks to Katie Tegtmeyer on Flickr for the photo

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