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Vitiligo Treatment?

Around one 1% of all people on the planet suffer from vitiligo. It affects all races and ages equally, but loss of pigment is obviously more noticeable a the darker your skin is. So it is more noticeable when someone … Continue reading

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FDA View on Difference Between Drugs and Cosmetics

The FDA’ s view on what constitutes the definition of a drug compared to a cosmetic is a longstanding one. A cosmetic is not supposed to either have or to claim physiological effect. This is a reasonable work in definition … Continue reading

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Christina Hendricks’ brief spell as a bottle blond

I subscribe to a newsletter from the Advertising Standards Agency which lists all their recent rulings.  It is a good way to keep abreast of what claims you can get away with or not.  The place all marketing departments want … Continue reading

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A Quick Guide to the EU Cosmetic Regulations – Beauty Brains Podcast

I have been featured on the Beauty Brains podcast. They asked me to do a ten minute segment on EU cosmetic regulations, which was fairly easy to do as I have been working with them for 30 odd years.  It … Continue reading

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The Bare Minimum You Need To Do To Comply With The Cosmetic Regulations

There is a concept in the software business called the minimum viable product. This is the barebones of an application that does just enough to enable it to get onto the market so the concept can be tested. This is … Continue reading

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How Do We Know Something Is Good At Moisturising?

I was listening to the perky pair of Randy and Perry over on the Beauty Brains the other day. They were answering a question about whether or not lanolin was a good moisturiser. They replied that it was indeed but … Continue reading

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Cosmetics That Look Like Food

  When I was reviewing Bomb Cosmetics Chocolate Ballotin Assortment I made a reference to the problem that might potentially face with this product.  Cosmetics that look like food risk getting pulled up under legislation that forbids non-food products from being made that … Continue reading

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Are We Eating Too Much Salt?

Channel 4’s Dispatches series recently broadcast a programme where they had been investigating the amount of salt in processed food. They sort of assumed we already knew what the problem with eating too much salt is. They mentioned that it … Continue reading

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Vitamin C Derivatives

I’ve written on my blog before about the benefits of vitamin C, and the difficulties of using it in cosmetic products. It is one of the few things that have any real beneficial effects on the skin. It reduces skin … Continue reading

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Why does your face Wrinkle in some places more than others?

This was the question answered by a very interesting article on Cosmetics Design Europe this morning. I have to say I never really thought to ask it before. But it is an interesting question.

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