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Cyanide Containing Almonds Withdrawn From Whole Food Stores

I am indebted to my friend the LA Hobo (@thelahobo on Twitter) for drawing my attention to a recent action by the FDA ordering the recall of organic almonds on sale in Whole Foods stores in the United States.

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Organic Standards For Personal Care – Are They Relevant In A World That Is Getting Hotter And More Crowded?

  I am scheduling this post to appear just as I start speaking at the ScanCos conference in Stockholm on the subject of Organic Standards For Personal Care – Are They Relevant In A World That Is Getting Hotter And … Continue reading

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Beware White Bread

Multinational companies are soulless entities that exist for no other reason than to benefit their shareholders.  You need to take extreme care when you are looking at the adverts they produce which have no other object than to transfer the … Continue reading

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Alcohol In Skin Products

If you put neat alcohol onto your skin and leave it there for any length of time it will dry your skin out.  This is something that is well known.  The exact details of how it works aren’t that well … Continue reading

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Beyoncé Heat Eau de Parfum Spray

The popular singer Beyoncé is not backward in coming forward and has come up with a striking fragrance offering, Beyoncé Heat Eau de Parfum Spray.  It is described as a rich, sophisticated scent with hints of red vanilla, magnolia,honeysuckle and almond. … Continue reading

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Women In Cosmetic Science

There has been a bit of a twitterstorm over the shirt worn by one of the scientists, Matt Taylor, on the team that landed the satellite on the comet.  It wasn’t the kind of shirt I would wear personally, but … Continue reading

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Natural Antioxidants

Antioxidants get a lot of interest for the skin benefits, but for a cosmetic chemist they also have a rather more mundane use.  If you are using natural ingredients in your products, and particularly some natural oils, you need to … Continue reading

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Can Blue Light Reduce Pain?

When you really want something to be true it is sometimes easy to let your normal standards of evidence to drop.  If you have back pain – and most of us do at some time – it would be really … Continue reading

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Is Greenwashing What People Want?

The first cosmetic science Twitter chat last Saturday was on the subject of natural products and how they have affected the scientists who develop them.  This is a bit of raw subject for most cosmetic scientists who are skeptical of … Continue reading

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Biodegradable Scrubs

Getting rid of plastic beads from cosmetics is good for the environment, but that doesn’t mean we have to go without scrubs.  There are plenty of very interesting  and highly biodegradable alternatives. Here are a few that are being used.

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