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Colin’s Detox Programme

Between Monday and Friday last week I lost 2.4Kg. I also felt a higher level of energy, was more mentally alert and slept better. And I didn’t feel hungry at any stage. Let me share my detox programme with you. … Continue reading

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Monoi Oil

  Gardenia perfume Lingering on a pillow Wild strawberries Only seven francs a kilo And still my heart has wings, These foolish things, Remind me of you These lines are from the famous song where a man wanders around Paris … Continue reading

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The Allergy to Isothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone and Chloroisothiazolinone Facebook Group

I have recently been invited to join a Facebook group devoted to the problems raised by isothiazolinones in general, and have been very happy to do so.  If you are interested in it you can find it here. It … Continue reading

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Natural Products That Can Kill You

The FDA have just announced that some organic face cream is being recalled.  I’ll refrain from mentioning the name, though the story is in the public domain so anyone interested enough can track it down themselves with a bit of … Continue reading

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What Are The Risks From Counterfeit Cosmetics?

The Daily Mail has a big story today warning of the risks of counterfeit cosmetics.  This is the paper that disgracefully talked up the MMR story until a substantial proportion of the population were failing to get their vaccinated against … Continue reading

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No Denmark, Methylisothiazolinone Should Not Be Banned

Cosmetic Design Europe is reporting that the Danish Environment Minister Kirsten Brosbøl has called for methylisothiazolinone or MI to be banned across Europe.  I have to say I think this is a really bad idea, but I do see how she came … Continue reading

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How Soap And Shower Gel Dry Your Skin

I think I can claim to be something of an expert about skincare, but the trouble with getting really immersed in a subject is that you begin to forget that not everybody knows what you know.  I spend a lot … Continue reading

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Edwin Jagger Safety Razor

So, what was wrong with the old safety razor? We all join the party at different times, and I happened to start shaving just when dual blade razors came out.  The adverts showed a convincing graphic whereby the first blade … Continue reading

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Skinetica Anti-Blemish Solution

Sarah on my Facebook asked me if I had come across Skinetica.  As it happened I had because I had been sent a sample of it when it came out, though I hadn’t taken a lot of notice of it. … Continue reading

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Cut Throat Stanley Beard Balm Review

Cut throats are big tough guys with big impressive beards, and so they need some serious beard care products.   The folks at grooming firm Cut Throat Stanley were kind enough to send me some samples of theirs to review. … Continue reading

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