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Boots Hot Weather Refreshing Spray

I am indebted to Steve Hogarty on Twitter for tweeting this brilliant exposé of the ingredient list of Boots Hot Weather Refreshing Spray.  I usually do a run down of the ingredients when I do a product review, and in this … Continue reading

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Nano materials have gone from the status of great white hope for the future to major threat to life on the planet without going through the normal intermediate stages of being widely used for anything useful or giving rise to any … Continue reading

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The EU’s Categories of Cosmetic Products

Have you ever wondered what exactly a cosmetic is?  Most people don’t give it a second thought.  And why should they?  But the people who drafted the EU’s Cosmetic Regulations  had to be a bit more systematic and before they … Continue reading

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June Bracelet

I was reading the Face Up Beauty blog the other day and came across a really neat idea.  It is called a June Bracelet, and it is a device that monitors your exposure to solar radiation and gives you advice … Continue reading

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California Toxic Cosmetic Ingredient Database Pleases Nobody

I have written before about the California Toxic Cosmetic Ingredient Database of supposedly risky ingredients run by the state government in California.  As part of piece of legislation called Proposition 65 the Californian government has set up a database which keeps … Continue reading

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Don’t eat organic? Start. Eat a lot of organic? Eat less.

Most news stories are bad news about things we can’t do anything about.  There really isn’t any point in worrying about things outside our control, but most of us do anyway.  But stories about health and the environment sometimes do … Continue reading

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A Problem With Skin Reactions To Esters

My long term Twitter chum Musical Houses raised a problem she has with some cosmetic ingredients with me over Twitter, using no less than 8 tweets to do it.  Such patience clearly deserves an answer.

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China Has Banned Animal Testing For Internally Produced Cosmetics

Hot on the heals of the relaxing of the requirement for animal testing on products imported into China, the Chinese government has now also banned animal testing on products produced in the country itself.

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China Modifies Its Position on Animal Testing

A lot of companies have run into problems with China.  China’s rules on cosmetics are quite different to those in most other countries.  They require products to be submitted prior to launch to a body called the SFDA, short for … Continue reading

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 It is a common observation amongst pharmaceutical scientists that many of the top selling drugs of all time are derived from plants.  The one that is usually quoted is aspirin that was first developed by modifying an ingredient found in … Continue reading

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