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Bad Advice For Kitchen Cosmetic Chemists

how to make your own beauty products from scratch

I am great supporter of people making their own cosmetics at home.  It’s a fun thing to do and for me life is all about building a better understanding of things.  A good way to do this is to look closely into something, learn about it and then put those lessons into practice.  You’ll learn about cosmetics, you’ll get some stuff to use.  But you’ll also gain a deeper feeling for how things are made.  Modern life can alienate us from the real world a lot of the time and making your own cosmetics is one way to reconnect. Continue reading

Looking Back

my notebooks

I don’t have my lab books to work from, but I have kept a lot of notes over the years. In particular I have a set of hard backed notebooks, photo above, which I have used for various jottings and note taking. I have been dipping into them while working up my spa range ideas. It is easy to get distracted by them though. They go back to 1992 and there are a lot of memories in them. Continue reading

Brand Rings Wrong Bell

brand rings wrong bell

There is an advert for a hair care product running on British TV at the moment. I’m afraid I can’t remember the product, or even the brand. If you recognise it from the description please let me know. It features an attractive reasonably normal young woman describing how she uses a product to make her hair look better. It sounds unscripted – which no doubt means that considerable care was put into the script – and there are numerous obviously deliberate continuity errors to give the illusion that it has been cobbled together from a number of takes. The lighting is subdued and the set is made up to look like a normal bedroom. Continue reading

Is It A Good Idea To Make Your Own Cosmetics?

 Is It A Good Idea To Make Cosmetics In Your Kitchen

Orange juice is a good source of AHAs and microbes

I don’t like the Daily Mail. There are a number of reasons. There’s their support for the fascists prior to the second world war. There’s their campaign against the MMR vaccine which led to a major public health problem. And there’s the general nastiness of their columnists. But I am also a bit worried that if I look at some of the pictures of very young female celebrities that they have on their sidebar all the time I might end up on the sex offenders register. Continue reading

Mission Creep

mission creep

I only popped out for some milk

It started when I noticed that I hadn’t backed up my blog for over a month. I don’t think you should trust to automatic backups on blogs. You should back them up whenever you post something that you really don’t want to lose. I used to back up every few days. I have had some bad experiences with unbacked up stuff, and heard even worse ones from other people. So why had I stopped. I applied the 5 whys technique and discovered that I just wasn’t happy with the way my blog looked.

So I set aside a morning to work on getting my blog back into shape. I wanted to give it a cleaner look. I wanted to make it a better user experience. I had decided that I was only interested in people who actually read it, so I wanted to put all the ‘call to action’ stuff at the bottom of the page so that anyone reading would have a clear run. And I wanted to get rid of the boring typeface. I am also really bored with the images from an old clipart CD I have been using since around 1998. I don’t know if many people today have even seen a CD of clipart.

The other thing I wanted to do was to sort out my social media so I can post straight to them without having to do a lot of clicking.

So all reasonable stuff and I set aside a morning to dive in and get it all sorted. Well the morning flew by. So I allocated an afternoon as well. Then I carried on into the evening. And in fact, I was still at it at about half past eleven. Continue reading

New Font

new font

Well I dare say this is going to be the post that is going to be the most challenging one for you to care about, but I have just worked out how to customise the font on this blog.  I have been a bit bored by the default one, which I assume was Arial, that came with the theme.  The trouble with that font, and that whole style of fonts it belongs to, is that although they are clear and easy to read in short bursts they are a bit heavy on the eye for long periods.  This is probably not a problem for most people.  Judging by my stats most people only read 2 or 3 posts per visit. Continue reading

Improving My Content


Improving my content

The basic problem with my blog from my point of view is that over the years I have made quite a few small mistakes. I have blogged about things that aren’t interesting either to me or to my audience. I have left up spelling errors and grammatical faux pas. I have written stuff that doesn’t fully reflect what I think, either because my thinking has changed or because I didn’t express myself clearly enough. Continue reading

Dropping The Sidebar

declutter my blogI have been doing this blog for a while now and while I have been keeping the content updated, it is a long time since I looked at the appearance of the blog itself.  I was fairly happy with it when I settled on the layout about 5 years ago. But nothing stays the same forever, and the web in particular shoots along at a rate that leaves most of us straining to keep up.  So what looked okay in 2011 doesn’t really stand up in 2016. Continue reading