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The EU and Cosmetics

Well I didn’t see that coming.  The decision that the UK has made to leave the European Union was one that never crossed my mind as one that was even a possibility.  I have been working with the EU cosmetic regulations from shortly after they first came into force.  I simply can’t imagine what life would have been like without them.  On top of that, the cosmetic industry is a very international one and I have worked with many colleagues from other European countries over the years.  These haven’t been in any way a sideshow – they have been central to the work that I do. Continue reading

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What Makes A Good Fake Tan?

fake tan accelerator

Can you get a fake tan even quicker?

There are plenty of fake tan products out there. Fake tans are easy to formulate and not too expensive to manufacture. The active ingredient, dihydroxyacetone, is very effective. So the big problem facing the manufacturers of fake tans is how to differentiate their product from the competitors. So they need to find ways to speed up the tanning process or to give a superior end result. Continue reading

Soap Box Time – Why We Should Stay In the EU

soap box time EMA

When I started my consulting business three years ago, even though I had been planning it for some time, it was still quite scary. For the first time in my life I had no monthly cheque to look forward to at the end of the month. Would I get enough work in to cover my expenses? Luckily enough I managed to pull in a big job quite quickly. It was a project on the borderline between pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, which was just the kind of thing that I could offer and which not too many other people could.  Without this bit of luck I might have had to get a job instead.  And with all due humility – it was quite handy for the client that they found me.  They are a start up to and getting some help early on must have been beneficial. Continue reading

Blogging Makes You Healthy

 blogging makes you healthy

I know a lot of people who read my blog are themselves bloggers. If you are, well now is the time to enjoy a brief moment of smugness. As most of us know blogging is not a lucrative thing to do. The monetary rewards barely cover the costs of the coffee to keep you awake late at night looking for spelling errors in your latest opus. So it is quite nice to discover that writing regularly does have some health benefits. Continue reading

Does MI Cause Developmental Problems?

MI development problems

There are an interesting couple of points in the comments thread on my blog post asking for MI not to become a scare story, from Suzanne. She has drawn my attention to a paper from 2012 that details developmental problems in tadpoles exposed to MI. She concludes from this that MI is potentially unsafe for humans as well and asks what the liability is for companies that continue to use it now that this risk has been identified. Continue reading

Antibiotic Resistant Superbugs Will Kill Us All

Antibiotic Resistant Superbugs Will Kill Us All

Doctors in arms race with antibiotic resistant superbugs

As I write this, this news isn’t being widely reported.  A bacteria has been found in the United States that is resistant to the last antibiotic left in the arsenal.   There is now no longer any antibiotic available that bacteria can’t survive.  This is certainly bad news – though not unexpected bad news.  Resistance to antibiotics has been a problem since antibiotics came into use.  The more widely antibiotics are used, the bigger the problem becomes.  While this is an unpleasant milestone to pass, it doesn’t actually mean that the problem is suddenly bigger than it was. The laws of natural selection are hard to dodge, and bacteria have many tricks up their sleeves to defend themselves. Continue reading

Blog Statistics

Is obsessing over blog statistics a good thing?

Is obsessing over blog statistics a good thing?

Did you know that there is a button on WordPress blogs that will go through all your blog posts and insert the publication date into the URL? Neither did I until I pressed it by mistake. It wouldn’t normally be that big a deal because you can reset it fairly easily. Except that I didn’t realise I had done it for about a week. By that time Google had noticed the change and altered all the references in Google searches. So when I put it back to how it was originally suddenly most Google searches were sending traffic to non-existent pages. Continue reading

Who Does The Research On Cosmetic Safety?

who does the research on cosmetic safety who does the research on cosmetic safety

I get a steady stream of enquiries from journalists. Their questions are usually fairly similar.  They ask about the safety of cosmetics, and lose interest quite rapidly when I tell them that they are.  “Stuff you’ve never worried about before is still nothing to worry about” is not really the makings of a great headline.  But I did get one that was a bit more interesting than most the other day.  Who does the research on cosmetic safety?  Obviously, there might be a story if all the research on cosmetic ingredients is carried out by cosmetic companies, or paid for by them, then maybe something sinister is being hidden.  Who doesn’t love a good conspiracy? Continue reading